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My name is Josephine, I´m from Sweden and have been very intrested in cat´s behaviour for about 14 years now. I have had more than 10 cats during this time, and one thing that I always do with my cats, is to get to know them deeply, and I do this by everyday placing myself on the same level as them (yes, my floors are often very clean) =) and I just observe them. I LOVE to just watch them, when they eat, sleep, rest, play and even when they go to the bathroom.

When I started my Instagram account for my cats many years ago, I noticed that many people had no clue how to properly care for their cats. It got to me, and I felt that I needed to put my knowledge into good use, which I am so happy to do on my Instagram account www.instagram.com/fjarilflickans

I have been studying Diploma in Feline studies at Oxford College, COAPE The Feline Mind, and many more courses. I do all these courses in English to be able to spread the knowledge to many parts of the world. I plan to take lots of more courses for as long as I´m doing this kind of work.

I´m also a breeder of Ragdoll, and by that I learn so much from every litter I have, and can assist those who maybe find a pregnant stray cat on the streets, and help them on what to expect and how to make everything nice for the mother to be. I read a lot about cats genetics, behaviour and breeding, both from educational books both also from online forums where I can take part of other peoples ”problems” and learn from them, that has been a fantastic way for me to learn.

Besides that, I´m also a cat photographer (www.kattfotograf.se) and donate a lot of my work to sharity, to help cat shelters all over the world.

The idea behind this site:
As an active member in the cat community, I see a lot of dispair from cat owners that are about to put their cat on the streets, because they don´t know why the cat is peeing on the bed, or not eating, or biting, etc. And I want to help change this, by giving info about how cats behave and wants to live. Not many owners know that this ”problem” behaviour is the cat´s way of telling she´s not ok.

Why is this site different from any other?

I don´t work with cats, I live for cats. And why should the cats suffer because their owner don´t have the economics to call a help line that charges by the minute? Why should we punish the cats, when they haven´t chose their owner. Many says ”the owner that can´t afford to treat or get help for their cat, shouldn´t have a cat” and that might be true, but how does that help this cat, that right now is sitting in that apartment with an owner that simply don´t know what to do and have given up? Tell me that, and I might change my mind on that statement.

I provide an online chat, where you can chat with me to ask about your cats´behaviour.
But I cannot answer your medical questions that a vet is more educated to answer, and you can always call a vet for free to ask about this. If not, change vet.
I will also provide links to organisations and funds where you can apply to get help with paying for an operation maybe or a vet bill that you just cannot pay.
Besides this, I will update the site with new articles to learn about cat´s behaviour, it´s from YOUR questions that I understand what needs to be adressed and learned about.

All of this is done by me on my spare time, as an entrepreneur I don´t really have too much of that, but I have put aside as much time as I can for this, I eat, sleep and poop cats 😉