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Now you can book a live chat support session with me, which means that I will be fully dedicated to you and only you.

You might need this especially if you have a female cat that is in labor and you don´t know what to do – don´t worry because I do! 🙂 I will help guide you through the whole process so that you will end up with (hopefully) healthy babies and moma cat.

It is also ok to book a chat for anything else cat-related that you would like to talk about.
Examples of what we can talk about:

  • Recommended catfood and what cats need to eat
  • Behavioral problems of any kind
  • What toys can I recommend and where to buy them
  • How to properly care for your cat
  • My special tips and trix on how to bond with your cat
  • Grooming and spa treatments
  • Different breeds, colors and patterns – what is your cat?
  • and soooooo much more!

Only want to ask a short question?
Download my app Cat Whisper! Available on Android and iOS

How does it work?
You send me an email from my contact page where you explain what you need me to help you with. Please explain as much in detail as you can so I could look up some helpful info for you about the subject. NOTE: I am not guiding you through anything medical, I can give advice but I am not a veterinarian.

When I have read your request I will get back to you if I have any questions and also with a Paypal link so you can make a payment for the booking. Right now I can only accept payments via Paypal.
If you have specified a date and time you would like to chat with me, I will confirm it in my answer or ask to move it if I don´t have time to take your chat at that exact time. If the time of chat is not set, for example if you want to chat whenever your female cat is giving birth, we will agree on how you will inform me (email, WhatsApp etc)

The chat takes place on either Messenger or WhatsApp, whatever you prefer and I will only chat with 1 person at a time

What does it cost?
Female cat birth support during the whole birthing process and labor – $80
Unspecified chat – $40 for each 30 minute started

Payments are made before the chat starts, if you are booking an unspecified chat you only pay 30 minutes ($40) at first

I am online on Messenger right now, let’s talk!