Zinnamon showing off cat glasses purrfectly

Do you run a business or work for a firm that wants to hire an influencer?

I love to do collabs and to work with other businesses to do awesome work together! When it comes to the topic of CATS I´m all in! Okay, that is a lie. Read about my rules below:

I will only show products and do business together with companies that produce/sell/market products that I would use myself, or use for my cats and/or that I can be proud over to be working with.
Many companies of the type of cat food I don´t give my cats contact me about showing their food on my social media – I don´t care if you want to make me a millionaire, I will never show off products of put my name behind goods that I would not use.

With that said, there are many MANY awesome products and companies out there that I would like to work with. This is the type of work that I am providing:

  • Show cat related products on my social media
  • Make professional photos and/or videos
  • Be the social media marketing administrator for your cat related brand
  • Write articles about the topics I educate my followers (Cat related of course)
  • Have weekly chats with my followers about something related to your products (for example, the products might be cat litter and I will chat one on one with my followers about litter problems with focus on linking to your product)

If I show off a product or business in my social medias, it is important for me that all my followers and sponsors know that I give my word that the products are good. My followers have listened to my advice for many years now and they know to follow them and that what I say is legit.
This is what you will get if you work together with me.
Anyone could get paid to say anything good about a product, but the words are worthless.
It is a huge responsibility that I have to my followers, and that I will never back down on. They know it, and that is why they take my words to heart.

My Instagram stats:

  • 150k+ unique reach every week
  • 2.7 milion impressions every week
  • 500-1000 swipe ups
  • 73% women
  • Locations – USA, UK, Malaysia, Germany

To get in contact with me, email: josephine@josign.se

See my Instagram account, my no 1 platform:

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