I love this! Or do I?

In a Swedish study made by Agria pet Insurance in 2017, 300 women were asked about their love for cats and the results are pawsome!

Here in Sweden, the cats’ status has risen in the last few years, much thanks to social media and the hype for cat accounts and funny videos we all post (thank you for that, btw!)
88% of the asked women says they LOVE their cat and 63% says they consider their cat as a family member.

The study shows that the women prioritize their cats more than the men do. 3 out of 10 women have at some point rejected plans with their partner to stay home with their cat.

Here is an important point in my life – 54% said they’d turn down a relationship with a man that doesn’t like cats. Amen to that!

The study shows that women are more concerned about their cats than men are, and that they would make life choices based on what is best for their cat.

Here’s the numbers:

  • 49 % of the women in the study would rather cuddle their cat than their partner
  • 88 % of the cat owners says they love their cat
  • 63 % consider their cat a family member rather than a pet
  • 53 % sees their cat as priceless
  • 82 % think that cats have the same or higher status than dogs
  • 47 % would turn down a potential partner that doesn’t like cats

See the full Swedish article from Agria here

Let me know what you think in the comments below! 😀 Would you turn down a date if he/she doesn’t love cats??