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This will probably seem a bit strange to you, but hear me out and start practicing your own patience.

It is no news that a human and a cat is in many ways different. We talk different, we walk different, we look different and we also love different. When a human hugs another human, we put our arms around each other and hold that grip for a moment. This brings us joy and comfort and this is of course what we want to give our cats too.

And we should!
But as I said, we are different from our cats and that is why we also need to learn what brings them joy and comfort.

It´s actually very simple, and you will have learned it by the end of this short article.

Don´t force your cat to do anything. ANYTHING. That is it! 🙂 Easy, right?
Let me explain it a bit more.
A cat that is being held by a human will after a while (short or long) start to feel discomfort and want to be let down again, you can feel her body tightening. While you held your cat, YOU got the hug you wanted but your cat is still to have hers, this will come as you put her down again – that my friends, is a cat hug! 🙂

This can be practiced in more ways, and each time you do it it will make a difference.
Here´s some hands on things you can do/change to give your cat some more love:

  • When you are snuggling on the couch/bed and your cat is on it´s way to jump down and end your snuggle session, stop yourself from making her stay, let her go and maybe speak in a soft voice saying ”Thank you, sweetheart” or something else. This will let your cat know that it was okay to jump down and end your snuggle session.
  • If you call out for your cat, wanting to maybe show her something (like a toy or maybe that you have served food etc) and she turns and walk away, let her. Of course you need to maybe figure out if there is something wrong with her if she won´t eat but that is not the point I want to make here.
  • If you are playing and having fun, and just as you thought that you were having a blast – she stoppes it and walks away. Again, let her.

You can probably see the common thread here by now, right? When your cat is about to do something (not bad behaviour), just let her and you have just placed the biggest cat hug on her!