On social media we can see a wide range of comments about cat owners giving their cats gift, or even celebrating their whole birthday year after year. I must admit that I am one of those that goes ”yaaay” when I see cat owners doing this, and I am also the one to do it myself.

So why do we struggle with the feeling of this being wrong, or stupid? My opinion is that it is society and non cat lovers that does this to us. Humans struggle to fit in and this can make us even more ”strange” in our friends’ eyes.

Well, great! If you are strange – then BE STRANGE! You are you no matter what others say. Okay, before I start to wander outside of this subject, let me tell you why it is purrfectly okay to celebrate your cat’s birthday.

Thea waiting to give this tent-surprise to Raspberry on her birthday

I have definitely had my fair share of birthday celebrations. Above you see the tent that I made for Zinnamon and Raspberry on their first birthdays in September 2014. Thea is sitting there waiting to show the surprise.

The psychology behind caring for a cat

It’s quite simple – when you care for someone, a cat or a human or a fish, it will do good things to you too. This is the basic of my theory behind why I think it is important to give your cat gifts on special occasions.
And what does your cat love most of all (besides tuna and small boxes or course) – a happy guardian!
This circle of love that you two give and take from and to each other is what makes a good companionship.

A cat owner that goes that extra mile to show the cat how loved he or she is, that would pay extra for express shipping for that beautiful and fluffy bed that the cat is never gonna bother to sleep in anyway, that person is the best cat influencer for the world to see and will have so much kitty love to look forward to because of it.

Zinnamon wants to open her birthday gift

In what ways can you show your love to your cat?

Here it is totally okay to be a little anthropomorphistic. Did I just made that word up? Click the strange word to learn what it means to put human emotions onto your cat.

You might think that you will need to go hunt for a real mouse to give your kitty, because that is what your cat seem to consider ”a gift” but here it is totally fine to put your human emotions into what you do for your cat – also called anthropomorphism.

Examples of special gifts for your cat:

  • Bake a kitty cake made of wet food or cat tuna, just form a pile on a plate and decorate it with some catnip or maybe a dried treat.
  • Buy new cat toys from my store www.furevercatlady.com
  • Make your own cat toys
  • Take your cat for a walk on a leash
  • Have a nice grooming session if your cat likes that

However you decide to spend the day with your cat, remember that it will do good for both you and your cat – for long time to come!