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Your cat´s behaviour can tell you very much

Cats are a mystery, that we all know. It is not always easy to understand why they do certain things and even if there is SOME research on cats behaviour, we still don´t know enough about their behaviour.
But we do know two things – they are wonderful to watch, and if you know your cat better you can actually tell when he or she is feeling off or wants to tell you something.
I´m gonna help you out on that last part now.

Most of us get a cat for their wonderful company, and not like they old days when they were mostly ”used” for killing rats. That means that today we are interested in learning more about cats and to find their personality so that we can live in harmony with them.
 Is it playful? A couch potato? Clumsy? 
The minute we start to study our own cat is when we also start to learn its personality.

This is why you need to study your own cat

When you´ve had your cat for a while and start to notice its routins for playing, sleeping, eating and even at what times or days he or she is a bit more off and stay in a different room, when he or she is extra snuggly etc. This is when you can start seeing little abnormalities from this routines – and now is the time when you kick in that extra gear to learn about your cat!
An abnormal behaviour could be:

  • That your cat is sleeping a lot more than it normaly does
  • Eat less than normal, or won´t eat at all
  • Suddenly stopped coming when you call

And of course lots of more different things like walking wobbly, making loud noises and the list could go on. But think of YOUR list as the one to follow, because it can be normal for some cats to suddenly not listen when you call and for some it might not be.

And because you have started to learn your cat´s routines and behaviour, you will now start to see these abnormalities when they happen and can therefore be on top of the problem (in case you need to take your cat to the vet)

If your cat has some days when he or she is more tired than other days, don´t be alarmed because that could be totally normal, and also if the playfulness stoppes for a day here and there. But it is still necessary for you to see those shifts in behaviour in order to learn about your cat and to just be able to consult with a vet in time if needed.

Their natural instinct is to hide their pain

Yes this is true even for our lovely indoor cats. A cat is not easily gonna let down its guard, because in the wild that would make them an easy prey for their enemies or they could be left behind by the other cats they might be living with.
This instinct is as strong for them inside with us, as it was back when they were wild cats and this is why we need to learn about their behaviour so that we can help them when they are ill.
When your cat show clear signs of being in pain, it has gone so far that they can no longer hold it in! This instinct can vary for every cat, some might actually show signs early but you should always take it very seriously when you see it and realize that it might have been going on for some time.

What you read above is why I completely crinch every time someone says ”my cat (fill in the blank) and he is feeling fine” often related to food subjects like when I talk to someone about dry food and why that is bad for cats =/

Keep an eye out for:

  • A tired and gloomy cat
  • If your cat don´t want to eat or drink at all
  • If your cat suddenly start to make loud noises
  • Changes in the toilet behaviour

The above list is typical signs to look for when your cat might be ill, but if it changes back to normal very fast, you don´t need to panic but consult with a vet over the phone.
I´d rather see you ask for help one too many times than one too little!