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My cats have a lot of clumps at their furs. I always combs them but it will still happen. What should I do? Im thinking to makes a lion cut for both of them. But im afraid it will happen again after their furs get long again. So any advice or suggestions perhaps? Thanks a lot josie!

My answer:
It could be due to their diets. Cats that eat a lot of dry food and maybe the less good brands like Royal Canin tend to get matter fur.
It can be helped by switching their diets or trying to get them to also eat wet food.
But I would suggest you to pay extra attention to brushing those parts of the body that get these lumps of fur, maybe where their front and back paw begin by the chest and belly


Hi Josie! I have a question about my cats. How can i get them to chew their food more? I notice that my cats dont really like to bite or chew their wet or dry food. Any tips? Thanks a bunch!

My answer:
Have you checked their teeth? It could be due to teeth problem so just give that a check before you do anything else. It is very important to take teeth problems seriously and help them quite fast.
If the teeth are fine it could be that they are eating too fast? To give them bigger chunks could help with that, there are brands of wet food that has filet of tuna that could work to break this cycle


HI! I need your help! I have 3 female cats in my house, not neutered yet, they are about 1 years old and i recently brought a 1 1/2 year old male cat to my home. I did the steps into welcoming him to the house but he started to poop and pee around the house when i removed his cat litter. Advise?

My answer:
For a new cat to enter a house of several unneutered cats will always be a challange. You have a really big challenge in front of you, even I would not do that ?
If the male cat is unneutered you need to fix him ASAP to prevent him from ripping your females apart one day. It can happen over night when you are not even expecting it.
If you can, neuter them all and you probably have no problems in a few weeks.
Or you need to start separating them to slowly introduce them to each other. The females can start to fight with each other too now so expect that so you are prepared.
I am not sure what you mean with removing the male’s litter? Give him his own litter box to use that the females can’t get to.
I assume all these cats are healthy, otherwise there could be other reasons that this problem showed up.
Be aware that cats are not meant to live in large numbers, their immune system can become a bit weak so please have money saved up in case one of them gets sick and contain the others ?


Hi Josi! Maybe u can help my with my cat,a 4yo persian. She pees everywhere but is healthy. We tried feliway, calming collar, new litter, more + new toilets, calming drops, thundershirt, litter attract, strikt daily routine, a catio, hiding places + much more. She has a 3yo ragdoll brother. Thank u❤

My answer:
Hi! I’m so sorry to hear this, clearly there is still something she is trying to tell you otherwise she would not have this behavior. It could be the baby brother, do they get along? If not you should at least take that into consideration and see if you can find a future solution for that.
I assume she is neutered? Otherwise it is probably as simple as just neutering her 🙂

There is a lot of stuff you have tried, but how much time have you given each of them? Cats are highly sensitive to changes and that also apply to these kinds of things we do to try and help them. Don’t do too much and make lot of changes, you will not have time to see when it starts to turn to the better.


My cats have all alergies when it comes to cat food i went to 3 vets and they suggest grain free which i did feed them they still alergic now i just coock them boiled chiken breat and somtimes grilled fish, i coudnt find any wet food that they wont get alergic to any tips?

My answer:
Oh, this upsets me so much 🙁 The fact that the vets told you to give your cats grainfree food because they are allergic is one of the main reason why I want to help educate cat owners now.
What you need to do is to find a vet that can help you make a proper investigation for what your cat is allergic to.
The vet need to help you with a feeding schedule to rule out protein by protein. First you try chicken, then beef etc… it’s a process but once you find what protein your cat is allergic to, you can start to give foods that doesn’t include that and the struggle will be over for both you and your cat 🙂
Best of luck! I promise you that this experience will make an ever closer bond between you, that is what happened between Muffin and me <3


I do give Royal Canin and also wet food. But whenever I give them raw food like chicken breast etc, they will get stomachache and then diarrhea. Thats why I stopped give them raw food. What do you think about that? Ohh and what is the best dry food and wet food that available worldwide?

My answer:
If you switch from one type of food to another too fast, it will always result in belly aches. You need to do it over time.
Same with raw food and wet and dry. If your cat gets an upset stomach, it does not have to mean it was a bad kind of food but that the transition was too fast. Some cats reacts more than others to this.
I am sorry, I don’t know which foods are available in all the countries, but take a look at the ingredients list on the packages. They are listed with the most % first and then less and less. So you want animal proteins and fat high up in the list and vegetables and grains in the bottom (or not at all if possible) ?


Hi Josephine! I had a Turkish Angora (Female) cat last year. She was sitting mostly infront of screen door (which was put infront of main door) When someone opens the door (to come inside or go outside) She rushes outside Like she want to go away. Can you tell me? And your all cats are faboulus

My answer:
I would guess that she really feels free and enjoys to be outside 🙂 Maybe you can find a way to catify indoor a bit more? Investigate what she likes outside (listen to birds? Looking at bugs? Climbing?) and see how you can implement that in your home. Maybe a new cat tree with lots of climbing alternatives, near a window to spy on what is moving outside?


Hey 🙂 my cat acts strange since yesterday evening. She doesn’t want to drink or eat. We already tried goodies soaked in water (doesn’t really work..) and she hides all the time 🙁 unfortunately we can’t rach our vet. Do you know anything we could try? (she is quite old 13 1/2 years….)

My answer:
Hi! This is very red alert so you need to get on the phone with any vet as soon as you can.
A cat can go days in agony without us knowing it, and then all of a sudden she shows signs like this that we can see but by then it is because she can’t hide it anymore.
Please do your best to get her to a vet asap


Hi Josie <3 I own a one-year-old Persian and I noticed that he started to be obssessed with licking or even eating anything plastic-like and of course he’d vomit after a while. He had never done that before, any clue of why he does that suddunly?

My answer:
It is very common and hard to say why your cat is doing it. Sometimes it is because of the fish substance that is used in some plastic products, sometimes it is a nice rub to the teeth which could mean the cat has teeth problems, sometimes it is because they lack a certain substance in their body that makes them do this (PICA)
Best you can do is to keep an eye on it and just take note of the behaviour in case you need a vet in the future for it. And of course, try to keep all plastic items away 🙂 Maybe that will just brake the habit


Hi Josie. I have a male cat, he was neutered years ago. Lately he’s spraying. How can I make him stop doing it?!?

My answer:
Hi! This could happen when/if he feel threatened in some way. Maybe a new cat in the home or in the neighborhood? It is safe to say that a content cat does not do this out of the blue, you will have to start playing a detective and find out what is making him unsure of his surroundings ❤️


Hi. I have a male cate with crystal problems. Can I give him sometime raw food(chicken breast or neck)? Or I should feed him only with his special food?!? Do you have any suggestions how to make him to drink more water?

My answer:
More water is definitely the answer here! Can you try to start ease him over to only wet food? It might take some time but it will be worth it ❤️ Give wet food with some sprinkles of his favorite dry food. Even if you would switch to a special kind of food “for crystals” which is often dry food, you are still giving the type of food that is making these problems. Best of luck!


I want to know what do you think about giving cats tomlyn l-lysine ?

My answer:
L-lysine has no documented effects for cats. It is said to make their immune system stronger and possible keep cat flu away but I can’t find any support for that. Best thing to keep a good immune system is to feed them good quality food and keep up with the vaccines


Hi Josie, we have a Siberian of almost 2 years old. He’s amazing, however we think he might be missing a buddy. He takes stuffed animals and brings them to his food bowl like if he wants to feed them. What does this mean? Thank you

My answer:
It is very common for cats to put stuff in their food bowls, and even if it might seem like he is pretending to have a buddy because it is a stuffed animal, it is not because of that he is doing it ☺️ Good theory, though! I find toys and hair ties in the bowls, in shoes and other unexpected places


How do you recognize that a cat feels lonely. We try and play and snuggle with him as much as he wants. And as far as we know when he was living on the street he didn’t like other cats. I’m just really worried he feels lonely.

My answer:
If he’s from the street, he is probably quite happy with whatever you do now. If you don’t see anything that makes you worried, then don’t worry. That is my best advice for you. A cat from the streets need some time to adjust and only you as the guardian know when you and him are ready to maybe start changing his routines by adding a new cat to the mix or something else


I adopted a 6mo kitten in December from a veterinary hospital.They said they spayed her and she had the shaved belly and scars to prove it, but 2 days ago she started rolling around the ground, howling and putting her hind in the air as if shes in heat and I think she is.Can you explain this at all?

My answer:
They can still come in heat shortly after the operation and it is very common ? It will take a few months until the female is ”completely off the hormones”


Hi, I just bought a norwegian forest cat of 3 months old, but on weekdays he’s mostly home alone. Is there anything i can do or get to make sure he’s not bored all day?

My answer:
I would buy an activation toy to him. There are many available in stores, for example the round plastic thing with cardboard scratch in the middle and a ball going round. Toys that keeps moving or make sounds after contact 🙂 Good luck!


Hi josephine, I’m waiting for a ragdoll kitten to come home soon however, I do co-own a local mix 5 mths old kitten but she doesn’t live with me. How should I go about introducing the two kittens so that they can co-exist for a few hours together each day. is it possible?

My answer:
I would NOT introduce them if they are not going to live together. Many thinks that a cat can have a friend to visit like we humans have but it does not work like that. It will create more problems for you to do this, so let them live separate lifes 🙂


Hey I have two ragdoll cats, just wondering if you have any tips on their fur. I have to vacume everyday

My answer:
Groom! The seasons when they shed I recommend a nice groom once a day and otherwise once a week. That helps very much 🙂


I have a female ragdoll and had no problems litter training but I now have a boy that just doesn’t seem to get it. Any tips?

My answer:
When a cat don’t go to the litterbox as they should there is something wrong. If you just got the cat then ask the breeder what the cat is used to (where the litterbox was, what kind of litter etc)
Buy one more box and show him that one, it might take a while before he is ok with having to share the litterbox with someone else 🙂


I’m going to be a pilot and since I was child I want a cat with all of my heart. But some vets told me that having a cat can make some health especially breathing problems. Is it true?

My answer:
If you don’t have any breathing problems now, a cat won’t create that. But it can be difficult if you already have breathing problems. Look up some breeds you like and see if you can visit them to just check how you will react. If you find a serious breeder, she would be able to help replace the cat if you cannot keep it. Good luck 🙂


Hi, I just wanted to know how you deal with the death of a pet? My cat died last November, she’s been my baby for 18 years and I’m just really sad all of the time. You seem like a caring and sweet person, so I hope you might have some sooting words for me. Thank you 🙂 & say hi to Muffin for me!

My answer:
Hi, thank you <3 It is always hard when our furbabies pass away, I’m so sorry for your loss <3 You must know that your cat has lived a long and wonderful life, it was her time to go over the rainbow and she is now like a happy kitten again, I’m sure she’s been looking forward to that!
One thing you have to do is to really take time to grieve! It is very important to do that, otherwise you will have problems to get over her. And only you know when you are ready to move on and maybe buy a new friend, I’m convinced that is what she would have wanted for you <3 So you can keep giving your warm love to this kitten, that you would have given your girl, that helps.
Again Im so sorry for your loss <3


My cat gets quite scared because he is cross eyed is there any way to get him a bit more comfy around us?

My answer:
You will probably see difference very fast if you do this:
Spend a lot of time playing with him and reward him with treats every time he wants to stay with you.
Call for him from other rooms, to come to you on the sofa, and give treats every time he comes.
And most of all HAVE PATIENCE! If you brake these habits you will have to start all over again.
If he has different playing patterns because of his eyes then learn what he likes and dislikes so you play with him in a way that he likes.
You will soon have a more loving kitty 🙂


I would like to have a cat, but fear I don’t have much space for one. I live in a spacey 1 bedroom/ 1 bath apartment that I share with 3 other people. Everyone agrees to have a cat but 1 argues that space will be an issue. What is your opinion on space needed for cats?

My answer:
As long as you study which breeds that could be happy in that space it is ok. To buy a rescue cat is not a good idea for you because you don’t know which breeds are in it so you might get a cat that shed a lot, screams all night and wants to climb and run fast (persian, siamese and bengal) You might need a ragdoll 🙂 That would be fitted for your living area


My cat just had an operation a few days ago and he has to wear a collar so he doesn’t scratch his face and his brother keeps on hissing at him and attacking him when he sees him do you know why?

My answer:
That is probably because the operated cat smells different now, try to take a blanket that the other cat has been sleeping on and rub it gently on the other cat so that he will smell ”better” 🙂 This goes away after a while and all smells are back to normal.


I have a litter tray that has a flap and stuff and I like it like that because that means the smell isn’t as bad. But whenever my cat goes for a poo he will come out and stink of it for the rest of the day which isn’t very nice at all. Any ideas?

My answer:
Normally what causes this is dirty litter, like when you have scooped and scooped and all the ”clean” litter that is left will still stink. And when you close that in with a tray that has walls, roof and a flap – it will stink! I would suggest you to look over the quality of the litter, some brands will not make nice and firm balls of the pee and litter will fall off and stay in the tray and cause the smell.


There is a dog next door now I have moved house how can I keep my cat away from the dog?

My answer:
Is your cat outside? Ask your neighboor if they can meet and smell each other. Otherwise you cannot do much, it’s up to the dog owner im afraid :/ Hopefully the dog owner will keep the dog on a leash and you won’t have to worry.


What makes a cat snuggler? My sisters cat always hurts us and only let us groon or touch when he is very sleepy.

My answer:
If the cat is not snuggly from the beginning it takes some time and a lot of effort to make things change, but you will be happy for it later 🙂 Spend time with the cat on her level and give treats when she’s doing good. Talk a lot to her and in a kind voice. Cats can be formed by positive associations and patience.


I have a question about food. I have read that you advice only wet food, but I noticed that if I give my cats wet everyday, they will have poop not so much solid. They have a bowl of dry food always available. What do you suggest?

My answer:
I think that might be because they are not used to it. If you give one teaspoon extra of wet food every week and give less dry food att the same time they will get used to it. Give wet food and/or meat twice a day and only a handful dry food as treats, that is my suggestion 🙂
Good luck! <3


If I want to be a cat breeder how would I start of? By buying a male and female ragdoll ?

My answer:
No that is not how you do. First you have to know about the breed so you can choose the right type for your breeding. And then learn about the whole process. I built up my knowledge in two years before I started. You have to read about what can happen if it goes wrong, you have to spend a lot of money to do tests of the parents before mating. And if if it goes wrong, will you have the thousands of dollar it can cost you? That is very very important to think about.
Breeding is an expensive hobby, but you have to know that it is lives you’re playing with


I have 4 cats. One of them is a six year old male tabby and he ALWAYS rubs his face on me(I think it’s called bunting)? But he never does it to anybody else in the house, and it’s not like I’m the only female. I am the youngest in our house though… He also sleeps on the end of my bed every night

My answer:
He has chosen you as his human 🙂 That is very normal and you should just embrace it <3 When buffing his head at you, he set his smell on you so everyone know you belongs to him 🙂 Congratulations! <3


My cats are frightened only by strangers coming into the house. WIth the family are very social. So how do I make the cats more sociable?

My answer:
You can try with a friend that each time she comes over, tell her to go down on the floor to play some with you cat before you do anything else. Go get treats that she can give. You have to try to show the cat that strangers in your home are as nice as you are 🙂